Quad Bike Tours

1hr Quad Bike Tours

  • No discounts for long weekends or peak holiday periods





Child (16-17)


2 Adults Doubled


1 Adult & 1 Child (7-15 years) Doubled


    CHILD SAFETY / CONDITIONS: Children MUST BE 150cm in height to qualify as passenger on the 2 Seater ATV; and MUST BE ABLE TO ensure adequate placement of feet on the foot rests is achieved. DISCLAIMER: An ATV will be provided at the ‘Admin Check-In’ to confirm this condition is met, prior to commencement of the tour. SDA reserves the right to cancel a tour (a full refund provided) if the child is unable to suitably place their feet as required for stability and safety of riding.
  • Minimum 2 people for the tour to operate.

1.5hr Aboriginal Culture, Sand Boarding and Quad Bike Tour





Child (16-17)


2 Adults Doubled


  • Need 4 or more people to operate tour (unless agency).
  • 30 minutes on each (Quads, Culture, Sandboarding)

All tours are available Monday to Sunday 9.00 am to 5.00 pm (subject to seasonal weather and conditions).

Discounts offered

Groups – of 20 people or more

NOTE: Further discounts don’t apply for reduced Online special prices (eg $99.00 per person for 1 hour quad bike tour)


SDA has the Biggest and

Best Bikes and Sand Dunes

No experience necessary.


Unfortunately we no longer cater for children under 16 year of age

Important Note

Aboriginal Culture and Sand Boarding are available on request (during bookings) for all tours but this will impact on your riding time.

Safety on Quads

DISCLOSURE Quad Bikes are DANGEROUS and since 2001 there have been over 230 deaths in Australia; the majority caused by ROLL OVERS. Rollovers can occur at any time due to many reasons including (but not limited) riding on uneven and unstable terrain (i.e. sand dunes) and travelling at high speeds. ALL Riders are putting themselves at risk and MUST FOLLOW THE RULES AT ALL TIMES.

With Safety First as our motto, we provide 2 Guides (minimum) for every tour.

2 Guides per tour

A Lead Guide who safely escorts you around, through and over the sand dunes. And a Tail-End Guide who keeps a close eye on everyone.

We make sure you are not making attempts to ride outside your ability. We also ensure that non-one gets left behind in the Coastal Desert!

Tag-a-Long Tours

Our Tag-a-long Tours cater for the needs from beginners to the experienced.

Starting from our Lavis Lane staging area you are compulsorily provided with a Hi-Viz Vest and Safety Helmet.

Safety Briefing

You receive a hands on introduction and familiarisation of the bike and a Safety briefing before heading out.

The tracks we use onto the Sand Dune are our Exclusive Access Tracks.

Our Guides are skilled at providing a safe yet challenging experience.

As your confidence grows so will the Adventure!

If its adrenalin your after or simply cruising we have a Sand Dune Adventure for everyone on the Biggest Dunes and the Biggest Bikes in Port Stephens.

We are very flexible in meeting your needs. So if you have a special occasion or work function give us a call and let us make create an adventure.

For all Quad Bike Tours NSW. Call Sand Dune Adventures on +61 (0)2 4033 8808 to book your next thrill seeking ride.

The experience

Things to know before you arrive