Safety on Tours

Your safety is our priority

The SDA team is diligent in its OH&S responsibilities.

As we continue to expand our operations, we seek to expand our ability to identify and eliminate OH&S issues in order to provide the safest tour possible.

As such, we have been able to do this and apply a riding style that caters to the beginner and experienced rider.

SDA has developed and implemented an ‘Indemnity Form’ which highlights the risks. This process clearly sets the tone of the tour and highlights the expectation on you to behave appropriately.

Both a lead guide and a tail guide are assigned to every tour.

Where there is greater than 10 people, a third guide is added.

All guides have helmet communications.

The tour is only conducted in a tag-a-long (single file) format, with each rider instructed to leave a safe distance (5-10m) between themselves and the bike in front.

You are instructed to stay in the riding line (tracks) of the person in front of you and not to veer off on your own track or ride erratically (no overtaking and no side by side riding).

Clear and simple hand signals are demonstrated and provided by the lead guide.

You are provided with a riding helmet and hi-Vis safety vest.

SDA recommends you come prepared for your tour in,

  • Closed in shoes (no thongs or sandals) – as we traverse through a bush track then onto the sand dune we would not like a stick or something else coming up and accidentally cutting your foot or leg.
  • Long pants – the motor can get very hot and would protect your leg from getting burnt
  • Sunglasses – Stockton beach has white sand and can get very glarey on your eyes as you are riding along
  • Sunscreen – We would not like you to get sunburnt.
  • Camera – Great shots on the sand dunes the tour guides will stop onto of one of the highest dunes and take your picture for you A spirit for fun and adventure

Child policy

Unfortunately we no longer accept children under 16 years to participate in our tours.

Children 16-17 years may participate on tour with written parental consent.

Our Safe Riding Techniques and Conditions

Steering – Two (2) hands steering at all times (NO phones or videoing while in motion).

Single File Riding – (tag-a-long)  at all times and no side by side or overtaking.

Riding Distance – Leave 10 to 15 meters between you and the rider in front.

Slowing Down - Release your accelerator (right thumb operated).  Important Note: Do Note slow down only to speed off faster than the designated tour speed.

Braking Safely - Gradually squeeze the hand brake levers on.

Unacceptable Behaviour  - No spinning tyres, fish tailing or sudden turns on the handle bars as this can cause rolls rover.

Turning Corners and Bends  – Slow down on every turn as high speeds as this can cause roll overs.

Climbing or Riding Down Dunes  – Keep wheels straight at all times and no excessive braking.

Bogged – stop accelerating and hold your brakes firmly.

No Alcohol Zero Tolerance - Tour Guides reserve the right to ‘breath test’ if deemed necessary. Image result for stop sign.

It's not a race

Non-compliant Behaviour  – It’s our responsibility to keep clients safe at all times.

Please Respect our Rules ‘and’ our Tour Guides. Abuse will not be tolerated.

Tour Cancellations  – Failure to comply with rules ‘will’ result in tours being terminated with no refund.

Legal Document – Please do not sign on behalf of another person unless they are under the Age of 18 (NOTE: false and misleading information my result in charges being filed)